Strongs: H1101

H1101 @ בּלל bâlal baw-lal' A primitive root; to overflow (specifically with oil); by implication to mix; also (denominative from H1098) to fodder: - {anoint} {confound} X {fade} {mingle} mix ({self}) give {provender} temper.
Genesis:11:7 Genesis:11:9 Exodus:29:2 Exodus:29:40 Leviticus:2:4 Leviticus:2:5 Leviticus:7:10 Leviticus:7:12 Leviticus:9:4 Leviticus:14:10 Leviticus:14:21 Leviticus:23:13 Numbers:6:15 Numbers:7:13 Numbers:7:19 Numbers:7:25 Numbers:7:31 Numbers:7:37 Numbers:7:43 Numbers:7:49 Numbers:7:55 Numbers:7:61 Numbers:7:67 Numbers:7:73 Numbers:7:79 Numbers:8:8 Numbers:15:4 Numbers:15:6 Numbers:15:9 Numbers:28:5 Numbers:28:9 Numbers:28:12 Numbers:28:13 Numbers:28:20 Numbers:28:28 Numbers:29:3 Numbers:29:9 Numbers:29:14 Judges:19:21 Psalms:92:10 Isaiah:64:6 Hosea:7:8

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