Strongs: H1835

H1835 @ דּן dân dawn From H1777 judge; {Dan} one of the sons of Jacob; also the tribe descended from {him} and its territory; likewise a place in Palestine colonized by them: - Dan.
Genesis:14:14 Genesis:30:6 Genesis:35:25 Genesis:46:23 Genesis:49:16 Genesis:49:17 Exodus:1:4 Exodus:31:6 Exodus:35:34 Exodus:38:23 Leviticus:24:11 Numbers:1:12 Numbers:1:38 Numbers:1:39 Numbers:2:25 Numbers:2:31 Numbers:7:66 Numbers:10:25 Numbers:13:12 Numbers:26:42 Numbers:34:22 Deuteronomy:27:13 Deuteronomy:33:22 Deuteronomy:34:1 Joshua:19:40 Joshua:19:47 Joshua:19:48 Joshua:21:5 Joshua:21:23 Judges:1:34 Judges:5:17 Judges:13:25 Judges:18:2 Judges:18:16 Judges:18:22 Judges:18:23 Judges:18:25 Judges:18:26 Judges:18:29 Judges:18:30 Judges:20:1 1Samuel:3:20 2Samuel:3:10 2Samuel:17:11 2Samuel:24:2 2Samuel:24:15 1Kings:4:25 1Kings:12:29 1Kings:12:30 1Kings:15:20 2Kings:10:29 1Chronicles:2:2 1Chronicles:21:2 1Chronicles:27:22 2Chronicles:2:14 2Chronicles:16:4 2Chronicles:30:5 Jeremiah:4:15 Jeremiah:8:16 Ezekiel:27:19 Ezekiel:48:1 Ezekiel:48:2 Ezekiel:48:32 Amos:8:14

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