Strongs: H2723

H2723 @ חרבּה chorbâh khor-baw' Feminine of H2721 properly {drought} that {is} (by implication) a desolation: - decayed {place} desolate ({place} {-tion}) {destruction} (laid) waste (place).
Leviticus:26:31 Leviticus:26:33 Ezra:9:9 Job:3:14 Psalms:9:6 Psalms:102:6 Psalms:109:10 Isaiah:5:17 Isaiah:44:26 Isaiah:48:21 Isaiah:49:19 Isaiah:51:3 Isaiah:52:9 Isaiah:58:12 Isaiah:61:4 Isaiah:64:11 Jeremiah:7:34 Jeremiah:22:5 Jeremiah:25:9 Jeremiah:25:11 Jeremiah:25:18 Jeremiah:27:17 Jeremiah:44:2 Jeremiah:44:6 Jeremiah:44:22 Jeremiah:49:13 Ezekiel:5:14 Ezekiel:13:4 Ezekiel:25:13 Ezekiel:26:20 Ezekiel:29:9 Ezekiel:29:10 Ezekiel:33:24 Ezekiel:33:27 Ezekiel:35:4 Ezekiel:36:4 Ezekiel:36:10 Ezekiel:36:33 Ezekiel:38:8 Ezekiel:38:12 Daniel:9:2 Malachi:1:4

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