Strongs: H4283

H4283 @ מחרתם מחרת mochŏrâth mochŏrâthâm {mokh-or-awth'} mokh-or-aw-thawm' Feminine from the same as H4279 the morrow or (adverbially) tomorrow: - {morrow} next day.
Genesis:19:34 Exodus:9:6 Exodus:18:13 Exodus:32:6 Exodus:32:30 Leviticus:7:16 Leviticus:19:6 Leviticus:23:11 Leviticus:23:15 Leviticus:23:16 Numbers:11:32 Numbers:16:41 Numbers:17:8 Numbers:33:3 Joshua:5:11 Joshua:5:12 Judges:6:38 Judges:9:42 Judges:21:4 1Samuel:5:3 1Samuel:5:4 1Samuel:11:11 1Samuel:18:10 1Samuel:20:27 1Samuel:30:17 1Samuel:31:8 2Samuel:11:12 2Kings:8:15 1Chronicles:10:8 1Chronicles:29:21 Jeremiah:20:3 Jonah:4:7

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