Strongs: H4487

H4487 @ מנה mânâh maw-naw' A primitive root; properly to weigh out; by implication to allot or constitute officially; also to enumerate or enroll: - {appoint} {count} {number} {prepare} {set} tell.
Genesis:13:16 Numbers:23:10 2Samuel:24:1 1Kings:3:8 1Kings:8:5 1Kings:20:25 2Kings:12:10 1Chronicles:9:29 1Chronicles:21:1 1Chronicles:21:17 1Chronicles:27:24 2Chronicles:5:6 Job:7:3 Psalms:61:7 Psalms:90:12 Psalms:147:4 Ecclesiastes:1:15 Isaiah:53:12 Isaiah:65:12 Jeremiah:33:13 Daniel:1:5 Daniel:1:10 Daniel:1:11 Jonah:1:17 Jonah:4:6 Jonah:4:7 Jonah:4:8

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