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Series Introduction:

It has been said that within the pages of the BookOfPsalms there is a complete road map laid out for the Christian to experience true saintly living. In a day and age where the presence and influence of "godly men ceaseth and the faithful fail from among the children of men" ( kjv@Psalms:12:1) our task more and more is in quickly getting back to that road map; getting "Back To The Psalms". Thus this series.

This new and constantly developing audio commentary series by Layman RandyP attempts to take a fresh relevant look at this profound and insightful "life book". Each full audio commentary presented is approximately 60-90 minutes long in total but for the convenience of our busier listeners they are also segmented into bite size chunks of 15-30 minutes, perfect for taking along with us on our modern playback devices to meet the needs of our busy days.

Series Audio and Outlines:

(Please visit this site regularly as there are many commentaries yet to be produced and some revisited.)

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Latest Series News:

1/30/2020 - So far I have been able to redo 22 Psalms with all new notes and audio (30+ hours); a substantial improvement I do believe. I am pausing before Psalm 23 to go back and clean up a few episodes that you will see in the "Recently Updated" section and to complete work on the revised FoundationsOfTheLikePreciousFaithSeries . I'll be well practiced by the time that I start up again in the beloved 23.

6/11/2019 - I have decided to completely redo the Back to the Psalms Series of 2018. It was so edifying for me at the time but, as I have listened through it several times I've asked myself how would I teach this any differently, these are the changes that I would most like to make. For one thing, I will be removing the podcast format of this series to make it more of a study format which will include my own commentary notes/links/outline. I will also likely divide up the audio material into shorter segments so that it is easier to follow at your individual pace. As segments I will also be able to correct or improve individual segments as the need arises instead of having to redo an entire episode. My hope is that more of you will benefit from this renewed effort and that this resource will not just simply get mixed up with every other podcast out there. May God bless this renewed endeavour! RP

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