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kjv@STRING:Hosanna <HITCHCOCK>@ save I pray thee; keep; preserve - HITCHCOCK-H

kjv@STRING:Taanach <HITCHCOCK>@ who humbles thee; who answers thee - HITCHCOCK-T



H1307 <STRHEB>@ בּרתי bêrôthîy bay-ro-thee' Patrial from H1268; a {Berothite} or inhabitant of Berothai: - Berothite.

H1395 <STRHEB>@ גּבעתי gib‛âthîy ghib-aw-thee' Patrial from H1390; a {Gibathite} or inhabitant of Gibath: - Gibeathite.

H1452 <STRHEB>@ גּדרתי gedêrâthîy ghed-ay-raw-thee' Patrial from H1449; a {Gederathite} or inhabitant of Gederah: - Gederathite.

H1956 <STRHEB>@ הותיר hôthîyr ho-theer' From H3498; he has caused to remain; {Hothir} an Israelite: - Hothir.

H2577 <STRHEB>@ חמתי chămâthîy kham-aw-thee' Patrial from H2574; a Chamathite or native of Chamath: - Hamathite.

H2843 <STRHEB>@ חשׁתי chûshâthîy khoo-shaw-thee' Patronymic from H2364; a Chushathite or descendant of Chushah: - Hushathite.

H3027 <STRHEB>@ יד yâd yawd A primitive word; a hand (the open one (indicating {power} means6 {direction} {etc.}) in distinction from {H3709} the closed one); used (as {noun} {adverb} etc.) in a great variety of {applications} both literally and {figuratively} both proximate and remote: - (+ be) {able} X {about} + {armholes} {at} {axletree} because {of} {beside} {border} X {bounty} + {broad} [broken-] {handed} X {by} {charge} {coast} + {consecrate} + {creditor} {custody} {debt} {dominion} X {enough} + {fellowship} {force} X {from} hand {[-staves} -y {work]} X {he} {himself} X {in} {labour} + {large} {ledge} [left-] {handed} {means} X {mine} {ministry} {near} X {of} X {order} {ordinance} X {our} {parts} {pain} {power} X {presumptuously} {service} {side} {sore} {state} {stay} draw with {strength} {stroke} + {swear} {terror} X {thee} X by {them} X {them-selves} X thine {own} X {thou} {through} X {throwing} + {thumb} {times} X {to} X {under} X {us} X wait {on} [way-] {side} {where} + {wide} X with ({him} {me} {you}) {work} + {yield} X your-selves.

H3371 <STRHEB>@ יקתאל yoqthel yok-theh-ale' Probably from the same as H3348 and H410; veneration of God (compare H3354); {Joktheel} the name of a place in {Palestine} and of one in Idumaea: - Joktheel.

H3774 <STRHEB>@ כּרתי kerêthîy ker-ay-thee' Probably from H3772 in the sense of executioner; a Kerethite or life guardsman (compare {H3876}) (only collectively in the singular as plural): - {Cherethims} Cherethites.

H3795 <STRHEB>@ כּתית kâthîyth kaw-theeth' From H3807; {beaten} that {is} pure (oil): - beaten.

H3863 <STRHEB>@ לוּ לא לוּא lû' lû' lû {loo} {loo} loo A conditional particle; if; by implication (interjectionally as a wish) would that!: - if ({haply}) {peradventure} I pray {thee} {though} I {would} would God (that).

H3890 <STRHEB>@ לות levâth lev-awth' (Chaldee); from a root corresponding to H3867; properly {adhesion} that {is} (as preposition) with: - X thee.

H4259 <STRHEB>@ מחלתי mechôlâthîy mekh-o-law-thee' Patrial from H65; a Mecholathite or inhabitant of Abel Mecholah: - Mecholathite.

H4382 <STRHEB>@ מכרתי mekêrâthîy mek-ay-raw-thee' Patrial from an unused name (the same as H4380) of a place in Palestine; a {Mekerathite} or inhabitant of Mekerah: - Mecherathite.

H4413 <STRHEB>@ מלּותי mallôthîy mal-lo'-thee Apparently from H4448; I have talked (that {is} loquacious); {Mallothi} an Israelite: - {Mallothi} an Isr: - Mallothi.

H4602 <STRHEB>@ מעכתי ma‛ăkâthîy mah-ak-aw-thee' Patrial from H4601; a {Maakathite} or inhabitant of Maakah: - Maachathite.

H4824 <STRHEB>@ מרנתי mêrônôthîy may-ro-no-thee' Patrial from an unused noun; a {Meronothite} or inhabitant of some (otherwise unknown) Meronoth: - Meronothite.

H4994 <STRHEB>@ נא nâ' naw A primitive particle of incitement and {entreaty} which may usually be rendered I {pray} now or then; added mostly to verbs (in the imperative or {future}) or to {interjections} occasionally to an adverb or conjugation: - I beseech (pray) thee ({you}) go {to} {now} oh.

H5200 <STRHEB>@ נטפתי neţôphâthîy net-o-faw-thee' Patronymic from H5199; a {Netophathite} or inhabitant of Netophah: - Netophathite.

H5284 <STRHEB>@ נעמתי na‛ămâthîy nah-am-aw-thee' Patrial from a place corresponding in nmae (but not identical) with H5279; a {Naamathite} or inhabitant of Naamah: - Naamathite

H5410 <STRHEB>@ נתבה נתיבה נתיב nâthîyb nethîybâh nethibâh {naw-theeb'} {neth-ee-baw'} neth-ee-baw' From an unused root meaning to tramp; a (beaten) track: - path ({[-way]}) X travel {[-er]} way.

H5411 <STRHEB>@ נתוּן נתיןo nâthîyn nâthûn {naw-theen'} naw-thoon' The second form is the proper {form} as passive participle; from H5414; one {given} that {is} (in the plural only) the {Nethinim} or Temple Servants (as given up to that duty): - Nethinims.

H5841 <STRHEB>@ עזּתי ‛azzâthîy az-zaw-thee' Patrial from H5804; an Azzathite or inhabitant of Azzah: - {Gazathite} Gazite.

H5869 <STRHEB>@ עין ‛ayin ah'-yin Probably a primitive word; an eye (literally or figuratively); by analogy a fountain (as the eye of the landscape): - {affliction} outward {appearance} + {before} + think {best} {colour} {conceit} + be {content} {countenance} + {displease} eye ({[-brow]} {[-d]} {-sight}) {face} + {favour} {fountain} furrow [from the {margin]} X {him} + {humble} {knowledge} {look} (+ {well}) X {me} open ({-ly}) + (not) {please} {presence} + {regard} {resemblance} {sight} X {thee} X {them} + {think} X {us} {well} X you (-rselves).

H577 <STRHEB>@ אנּה אנּא 'ân'â 'ânnâh {awn'-naw} awn'-naw Apparently contracted from H160 and H4994: oh now!: - I (me) beseech (pray) {thee} O.

H6069 <STRHEB>@ ענּתותי ענתתי ‛anthôthîyannethôthîy {an-tho-thee'} an-ne-tho-thee' Patrial from H6068; an Antothite or inhabitant of Anathoth: - of {Anathoth} {Anethothite} {Anetothite} Antothite.

H6070 <STRHEB>@ ענתתיּה ‛anthôthîyâh an-tho-thee-yaw' From the same as H6068 and H3050; answers of Jah; {Anthothijah} an Israelite: - Antothijah.

H6164 <STRHEB>@ ערבתי ‛arbâthîy ar-baw-thee' Patrial from H1026; an Arbathite or inhabitant of (Beth-) Arabah: - Arbathite.

H6254 <STRHEB>@ עשׁתּרתי ‛ashterâthîy ash-ter-aw-thee' Patrial from H6252; an Ashterathite or inhabitant of Ashtaroth: - Ashterathite.

H6264 <STRHEB>@ עתיד ‛âthîyd aw-theed' From H6257; prepared; by implication skilful; feminine plural the future; also treasure: - things that shall {come} {ready} treasures.

H6266 <STRHEB>@ עתיק ‛âthîyq aw-theek' From H6275; properly {antique} that {is} venerable or splendid: - durable.

H6336 <STRHEB>@ פּוּתי pûthîy poo-thee' Patronymic from an unused name meaning a hinge; a Puthite (collectively) or descendant of an unknown Puth. (As if from H6312.): - Puhites [as if from H6312].

H6432 <STRHEB>@ פּלתי pelêthîy pel-ay-thee' From the same form as H6431; a courier (collectively) or official messenger: - Pelethites.

H6440 <STRHEB>@ פּנים pânîym paw-neem' Plural (but always used as a singular) of an unused noun (פּנה {pâneh} paw-neh'; from 6437); the face (as the part that turns); used in a great variety of applications (literally and figuratively); also (with prepositional prefix) as a preposition ({before} etc.): - + {accept} a (be-) fore ({-time}) {against} {anger} X as (long {as}) {at} + {battle} + because ({of}) + {beseech} {countenance} {edge} + {employ} {endure} + {enquire} {face} {favour} fear {of} {for} forefront ({-part}) form (-er {time} {-ward}) {from} {front} {heaviness} X him ({-self}) + {honourable} + {impudent} + {in} {it} look [-eth] ({-s}) X {me} + {meet} X more {than} {mouth} {of} {off} (of) old ({time}) X {on} {open} + out {of} over {against} the {partial} {person} + {please} {presence} {prospect} was {purposed} by {reason} {of} + {regard} right {forth} + {serve} X {shewbread} {sight} {state} {straight} + {street} X {thee} X them ({-selves}) through (+ {-out}) {till} time (-s) {past} (un-) to ({-ward}) + {upon} upside (+ {down}) with ({-in} + {stand}) X {ye} X you.

H6612 <STRHEB>@ פּתאי פּתי פּתי pethîy pethîy pethâ'îy {peth-ee'} {peh'-thee} peth-aw-ee' From H6601; silly (that {is} seducible): - {foolish} simple ({-icity} one).

H6616 <STRHEB>@ פּתיל pâthîyl paw-theel' From H6617; twine: - {bound} {bracelet} {lace} {line} {ribband} {thread} wire.

H6882 <STRHEB>@ צרעתי צרעי tsâr‛îy tsâr‛âthîy {tsor-ee'} tsor-aw-thee' Patrial from H6881; a Tsorite or {Tsorathite} that {is} inhabitant of Tsorah: - {Zorites} {Zareathites} Zorathites.

H6956 <STRHEB>@ קהתי qŏhâthîy ko-haw-thee' Patronymic from H6955; a Kohathite (collectively) or descendant of Kehath: - Kohathites.

H607 <STRHEB>@ אנתּה 'antâh an-taw' (Chaldee); corresponding to H859; thou: - as for {thee} thou.

H7435 <STRHEB>@ רמתי râmâthîy raw-maw-thee' Patronymic of H7414; a Ramathite or inhabitant of Ramah: - Ramathite.

H7756 <STRHEB>@ שׂוּכתי ώûkâthîy soo-kaw-thee' Probably patronymic from a name corresponding to H7754 (feminine); a Sukathite or descendant of an unknown Israelite named Sukah: - Suchathite.

H7876 <STRHEB>@ שׁיה shâyâh shaw-yaw' A primitive root; to keep in memory: - be unmindful. [Render A Rock bore {thee} thou must recollect; and (yet) thou hast {forgotten} etc.]

H8101 <STRHEB>@ שׁמעתי shim‛âthîy shim-aw-thee' Patronymic from H8093; a Shimathite (collectively) or descendant of Shimah: - Shimeathites.

H8126 <STRHEB>@ שׁמתי shûmâthîy shoo-maw-thee' Patronymic from an unused name from H7762 probably meaning garlic smell; a Shumathite (collectively) or descendant of Shumah: - Shumathites.

H8533 <STRHEB>@ תּלתין telâthîyn tel-aw-theen' Multiplicative of H8532; ten times three: - thirty.

H8654 <STRHEB>@ תּרעתי tir‛âthîy teer-aw-thee' Patrial from an unused name meaning gate; a Tirathite or inhabitant of an unknown Tirah: - Tirathite.

H859 <STRHEB>@ אתּנּה אתּנה אתּן אתּם אתּי את אתּ אתּהo 'attâh 'attâ 'ath 'attîy 'attem 'atten 'attênâh 'attênnâh at-taw' at-taw' at-tee' at-tem' at-ten' A primitive pronoun of the second person; thou and {thee} or (plural) ye and you: - {thee} {thou} {ye} you.

H886 <STRHEB>@ בּארתי berôthîy be-ay-ro-thee' Patrial from H881; a Beerothite or inhabitant of Beeroth: - Beerothite.

G128 <STRGRK>@ Αἰθίοψ Aithiops ahee-thee'-ops From αἴθω aithō (to scorch) and ὤψ ōps (the face from G3700); an Ethiopian (as a blackamoor): - Ethiopian.

G174 <STRGRK>@ ἀκάνθινος akanthinos ak-an'-thee-nos From G173; thorny: - of thorns.

G2068 <STRGRK>@ ἐσθίω esthiō es-thee'-o Strengthened for a primary word ἔδω edō (to eat); used only in certain tenses the rest being supplied by G5315; to eat (usually literally): - devour eat live.

G2468 <STRGRK>@ ἴσθι isthi is'-thee Second person imperative present of G1510; be thou: - + agree be X give thyself wholly to.

G2719 <STRGRK>@ κατεσθίω katesthiō kat-es-thee'-o From G2596 and G2068 (including its alternate); to eat down that is devour (literally or figuratively): - devour.

G2881 <STRGRK>@ Κορίνθιος Korinthios kor-in'-thee-os From G2882; a Corinthian that is inhabitant of Corinth: - Corinthian.

G2916 <STRGRK>@ κρίθινος krithinos kree'-thee-nos From G2915; consisting of barley: - barley.

G228 <STRGRK>@ ἀληθινός alēthinos al-ay-thee-nos' From G227; truthful: - true.

G3159 <STRGRK>@ Ματθίας Matthias mat-thee'-as Apparently a shortened form of G3161; Matthias (that is Mattithjah) an Israelite: - Matthias.

G3407 <STRGRK>@ μίσθιος misthios mis'-thee-os From G3408; a wage earner: - hired servant.

G3889 <STRGRK>@ παραμυθία paramuthia par-am-oo-thee'-ah From G3888; consolation (properly abstract): - comfort.

G3890 <STRGRK>@ παραμύθιον paramuthion par-am-oo'-thee-on Neuter of G3889; consolation (properly concrete): - comfort.

G4571 <STRGRK>@ σέ se seh Accusative singular of G4771; thee: - thee thou X thy house.

G4572 <STRGRK>@ σεαυτοῦ σεαυτῷ σεαυτόν σαυτοῦ σαυτῷ σαυτόν seautou seautō seauton sautou sautō sauton seh-ow-too' she-ow-to' she-ow-ton' sow-too' sow-to' sow-ton' The genitive case from G4571 and G846 with the dative and accusative of the same with contractions respectively6 of (with to) thyself: - thee thine own self (thou) thy (-self).

G4612 <STRGRK>@ σιμικίνθιον simikinthion sim-ee-kin'-thee-on Of Latin origin; a semicinctium or half girding that is narrow covering (apron): - apron.

G4671 <STRGRK>@ σοί soi soy Dative case of G4771; to thee: - thee thine own thou thy.

G4675 <STRGRK>@ σοῦ sou soo Genitive case of G4771; of thee thy: - X home thee thine (own) thou thy.

G4765 <STRGRK>@ στρουθίον strouthion stroo-thee'-on Diminutive of στρουθός strouthos (a sparrow); a little sparrow: - sparrow.

G4906 <STRGRK>@ συνεσθίω sunesthiō soon-es-thee'-o From G4862 and G2068 (including its alternate); to take food in company with: - eat with.

G489 <STRGRK>@ ἀντιμισθία antimisthia an-tee-mis-thee'-ah From a compound of G473 and G3408; requital correspondence: - recompense.

G5191 <STRGRK>@ ὑακίνθινος huakinthinos hoo-ak-in'-thee-nos From G5192; hyacinthine or jacinthine that is deep blue: - jacinth.

G848 <STRGRK>@ αὑτοῦ hautou how-too' Contraction for G1438; self (in some oblique case or reflexive relation): - her (own) (of) him (-self) his (own) of it thee their (own) them (-selves) they.