Strongs: H3190

H3190 @ יטב yâţab yaw-tab' A primitive root; to be (causatively) make {well} literally ({sound} beautiful) or figuratively ({happy} {successful} right): - be {accepted} {amend} use {aright} {benefit} be (make) {better} seem {best} make {cheerful} be {comely} + be {content} diligent ({-ly}) {dress} {earnestly} find {favour} {give} be {glad} do ({be} make) good ({[-ness]}) be (make) {merry} please (+ {well}) shew more {[kindness]} {skilfully} X very {small} {surely} make {sweet} {thoroughly} {tire} {trim} {very} be ({can} {deal} {entreat} {go} have) well {[said} seen ].
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