Strongs: H6923

H6923 @ קדם qâdam kaw-dam' A primitive root; to project (one {self}) that {is} precede; hence to {anticipate} hasten6 meet (usually for help): - come ({go} [flee]) {before} + {disappoint} {meet} prevent.
Deuteronomy:23:4 2Samuel:22:6 2Samuel:22:19 2Kings:19:32 Nehemiah:13:2 Job:3:12 Job:30:27 Job:41:11 Psalms:17:13 Psalms:18:5 Psalms:18:18 Psalms:21:3 Psalms:59:10 Psalms:68:25 Psalms:79:8 Psalms:88:13 Psalms:89:14 Psalms:95:2 Psalms:119:147 Psalms:119:148 Isaiah:21:14 Isaiah:37:33 Amos:9:10 Jonah:4:2 Micah:6:6

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